Ride to Cameron Highlands…concurring the fear, building the confidence…

It was my son’s wish initially, and I thought it may not be a bad idea at all, furthermore the Mrs had also whispered to me the previous week, ‘feels like we could go for another ride…’. So I jokingly said we should go for Phuket (bike’s week, our good friend AH is going there), but that would be well beyond our own reach in view of time constraint and all that.

So I casually mentioned our intention in the whatsapp group, hoping that one of those adventerous riders like AKZ or NT will respond. On the day we set out for the RV at Karak BHP there were four of us, plus my Mrs as a pillion. So three Triumph riders and another KZ9 Kawa V600.

AKZ who led the convoy suggested we took the Karak-Sg Koyan route going and coming back via Simpang Pulai. We stopped at Bentong for a laidback breakfast at famous Toki Lemang. Toki is located just along our route to Cameron anyway.

As expected, the two young men sprinted away in no time charging along the twisty terrain of  Karak Highway with style, and subsequently a long series of bends along the inner road leading to Sg Koyan. I stayed behind a bit, and later decided to be the last, letting KZ9 who is a steady and experienced rider to be in front.

Recalling the near-fall experience from the Thailand ride I have since been a freak at corners. Added with the responsibility of keeping the pillion safe, I just employed a ‘safe mode’ whenever tackling corners, slow down as much, and merely do a ‘stage 1’ body positioning! which in a number of instances would not be sufficient without enough motorbike lean, but leaning had caused scare too, since I encountered a few peg-scrapping episodes.

Nonetheless, the Cameron ride turned out to be a thrilling ride experience that had rejuvenated my confidence in handling corners, thanks to the three guys (that, include my son then hehe)….due to the nature of a rather relaxing journey, no pressure to catch up with the big group, each one of us was able to enjoy at our own pace, and by that I meant it wasn’t slow of course, knowing those two enthusiastic young riders. There were ample time to ‘experiment’ with varying style of approaching or exiting corners and hence feel the bike’s reaction to it (I should rather be careful here coz road riding is in no way a time to experiment! what I mean was within the scope of applying a more or less ‘correct’ style, just the extent by which it was applied could differ a bit at different time point…).

The onward journey was a much more lively experience, since the road was clear most of the time and I admitted it was a well maintained road. This in contrast to return journey via Simpang Pulai, though the road was supposed to be better than that of Tapah’s, we were stuck in a long string of traffic congestion, ended up almost two and half hours of 100km ride out to Tapah R&R. That was a bit tiring, though once we were out of the congestion, we started to enjoy the twisty roads again, albeit it started raining a bit.

We had a short high tea session at Boh Tea outlet, and a late lunch/pre-dinner at Tapah R&R.

Once we exited the highway, I sprinted fast ahead of everyone and we arrived home just before 7pm. That’s a 11 hours of outing (we started 8am) thank God, everything went well and what a fabulous ride memory.


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