The Title…just a Test

Today’s note is a short one

Title and recognition is something we as human cherish. When you receive awards or titles from a person or authority, it is a form of recognition of your accomplishment, talent, ability, contribution to society or sacrifice.

However, you may not be the most contributory or accomplished person and yet receive the title, while others who could be more deserving, don’t. Well, this is the rule of this world, since you are a human and the one awarding the titles also human, who don’t see everything.

Therefore the worldly title is temporary and will perish. Another thing, a person who has been given awards or title by people, may not necessary be awarded by God, or a sign that God is pleased with him. On the other hand, this worldly title could be a test for that person, if he does not use it in the right way, it could actually be a curse for him.

Whatever we have in this world, titles, grades, degrees, wealth etc will perish, whatever with God will remain. It is only what we GIVE to God on in His Way that will last and be of value in the very long ‘future’.


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