Lost again? Think of the unthinkable…

As I had written previously in my posting entitled A Tale of Lost and Found
https://omaskon.wordpress.com/2013/04/09/a-tale-of-lost-and-found-and-faith-vs-fate-and-all-that/ (link here) is fascinating that in life, of the off chance to recover what you have lost or misplaced.

Sadly, the handphone, belonged to Ajwad that was temporarily lost, which I found myself, was later lost forever, when he accidentally left it in the bus. Yes, some lost would be almost impossible to recover, and you just have to accept.

Worse still, my third child, Harith who lost his iPhone just about 3 months after it was purchased. That morning he followed me to the mosque for the Subuh prayer, on my bike. Everything was fine till we arrived back home when he yelled that he has lost his phone. We quickly went back to the mosque, frantically searched everywhere along the road, asked the Imam of the mosque and checked every inch of the prayer hall, to our frustration. It rang when I called, with noone answering, and towards the end of the day, the ringing tone was gone forever. That was a lost.

Now it was fair and square, the first child Widad, had also lost her old iPhone in a nearly similar way, except, I managed to track the phone using iCloud, knew where it was, but still unsure what to do. Report to police? Do you think they will be kind enough to go in search of your lost phone, keep hoping!

So today we had a lost again. Ajwad had lost his car key. It so happened that the Proton Satria, when I purchased had only one set of key (remote controlled) which up to these days we had never bothered duplicating. The boy was left alone at home, coming back from meeting friend. Slept overnight, only when we returned home he broke the news about the lost. Of course he went on search all over the place, the whole house was left unspared. In fact the search was so thorough that he began recovering items that previously was decided as permanent lost, such as Harith’s expensive spectacles! That was good, at leas the exercise has given a positive result if not in finding the key, but some other useful (and potentially more expensive) item.

As usual I took a bit of history. The boy came back late at night. Parked the car, turned of the ignition, walked out. He has this habit of leaving the car unlocked, so I guessed this time he did the same. Took out the house key and went inside, did a few things before retiring to bed. I asked him of what attire he wore, in case he had left the key sitting in his pant’s pocket. He said he was wearing a sarong, so one can imagine what way he would be holding the keys then.

A day nearly passed and the boy was frustrated, sat there or laid down all day thinking and doing nothing. Now he begged us to call the Proton garage to send a foreman to install new set of ignition key/alarm. We inisisted on trying or at least give another 24 hours, for what I wasn’t sure. There seemed to be nothing much we could think of. He had searched the shoe box, the settee, his room and his brother’s room, and everywhere like tables, boxes that he could have possibly dropped the key. Negative.

I went through the routine check around the house again, checked his trousers in case. then the bed, the settee again, but everytime I tried the wife kept saying that he had covered those areas nothing else left! For the final straw I tried to imagine his movement again right from the time he turned of the engine.

Engine off, key out, went to the shoe rack to pick something….then inside the house. At what point he dropped or misplaced the car key? Now I checked the car thoroughly, inside out, areas around it. Nothing. Finally I tried to think of something funny. Yes he went to pick up something at the shoerack. And he was wearing sarong, so maybe when he picked the stuff at the shoerack, he had to place his car key, which he was holding on his hand, somewhere. Bingo, he put down the car key, picked the item he supposed to take from the shoerack and went into the house, that’s it!

So I quickly rushed to the shoe rack, examined every inch of it, looked at all the shoes. Nothing. Huh…wait, another shoe rack. But all the shoes looked untouched, except my riding boots, one of which is sitting at the top rack, the other fell on the floor. I picked it and checked to find nothing. Next to it pair of my old office shoes which I have not worn for years, and no one has touched it. I shone the torch on it and yes! I saw the car key sitting quitely inside one of the shoes! Found, thank God

More lost, more found…
Trying to think the sequence of event – the last moment before the lost, does help. But sometimes you have to think of the unthinkable. Lastly, have the believe that the solution is simple, and never give up. Keep searching. This applies particularly with things lost at home, because you know more than likely it is hidden somewhere safe. But if the items are lost elsewhere than home, it would be much less likely to be found, since the chance that someone, or an opportunist to tamper with it would be anyone’s guess.
How can you reduce such a nuisance like losing keys, cheques or documents? I always think, the best way is to have a system to organise your storage. Filing for papers, hooks or special hangers for keys etc, though you will have to develop the good habit and force yourself to follow the system. Like the boy, who rarely keeps his keys in the tray specially made to keep our keys safe.

As an extended exercise, today, I have learned how to discover (again) a misplaced bike’s keys, an important document folder and a cheque. The cheque…I had been looking for it for ages, it’s from a company who paid me for consultation, I remember the amount was RM500, not huge but substantial enough that I can’t afford losing. So, here was the simple exercise.

Bike’s keys – the Triumph Bonneville. It’s almost always kept in the keys tray, but today I could not find it. So I traced the sequence of event again, I could hardly recall the last moment I used the bike. Definitely on Friday night when I came back to work. The trouble is I was not utterly sure whether I did use it again after that! Trousers pocket is the most common place, but there was nothing. Hold on, the riding jacket? negative. Bags – sling bag or backpack could be a possiblity, or could have left them in the car, during a rush to drive the family away. Nothing yielded the result and after exhausting almost everything, short of asking my family members whether or not they saw the keys, or even helped to locate them, I tried for the last time. Association – maybe I have kept the keys with another set of keys, like office keys? I have the habit of keeping the office keys in a bookshelf, one of the documents wallet. So off I went to check, and there I found it!

Back to the cheque – since I also lost the document that I kept along with other riding accessories like helmet and gloves, I knew my wife had been sorting them out and today we bought a shelf for stroing the helmets. Looks nice but where is my document folder? I asked her, and she pointed out to a large bag whereby she kept mixtures of documents, old and new letters some of which unopened. Going through the papers one after another, not long after I found the document folder, and next a few letters and bills that needed attention (poor me…), and finally the cheque – yes, found it! and guess what, it was dated in January 2015…luckily it has one year expiry date therefore I got sometime to cash it.

Bad enough for not organising our life
That’s the whole point. But, no matter how organised you are, someday you will be faced with a loss, or maybe your loved one therefore trying this formula may help.

Triumph Street Triple Endurance Test – for the bike or the rider…?

I had said it many times how good the Street is, however, I must admit that it takes the arrival of another bike in order to fully appreciate the value of one you already have! As mentioned above there was this reluctance to take the Street for a long ride, for the fear of excessive back pain as result of forward leaning position.

Though I have ridden more than 15000 km, not till now I begin to appreciate this machine more and more

Though I have ridden more than 15000 km, not till now I begin to appreciate this machine more and more

Since having the Bonnie, I had already undertaken a two series of long ride to the North on it(read the review here). It was fine with the exception that the Bonnie is ‘happier’ to be ridden rather gently, and best to stay at or below 160km/hr. You can push it to 170/180 (its not that I do it regularly you know…) but it would be a hard struggle and impossible to keep even at 160km/hr for too long. Another is it’s slightly less agile due to the rigid suspension, sometimes you loose that feeling of harmony with the bike, when the rear tire feels sort of waning a bit once you do an extreme manouver like switching lane aggressively. When you need that performance ride and the extra umphh then the Street is the definite choice.

I was right, and once I made up my mind to take it for a long ride to Trengganu – I was fully satisfied, indeed the STreet gave more than I expected.

Taking the Challenge
I was set to accompany two friends to Kota Bharu, as part of their journey across the border with the rest of MIB team. I did not join the trip due to local commitment. They were the two riders who could not join the team who have left earlier in the morning. Then, as we met at the RV point at BHP Gombak, we found out that the other guy, KZ had to cancel due to pouring rain in his area at Shah Alam. Initially we were quite taken aback, but thinking about it, then I thought there is no way we can force people to ride (despite the weather), we can force someone NOT to ride, and not the other way. So, I was left with no choice, have I not gone ahead to accompany R, there would be a strong possiblity he will back off, and I could be the guilty party then.

I had a meeting early morning the following day. The wife just left with two kids to the camp, means, my other two kids are left at home overnight without big adult…means, I have to come back home by hook or by crook. Thinking about the prospect of riding over 400km and then turn back home, alone, made me almost sweat…knowing the brothers in MIB, they will most likely advise against doing it for safety. So I was torn in between.
So I made a deal with R, I will not be able to ride all the way to KB, but I shall accompany him to a point he feels comfortable to proceed. And to him, its Kuala Berang, near his home town, where he will have the opportunity to rest there, or proceed to KB if we arrive early enough. And Kuala Berang is just over 400km away!

We began the journey around 3.30pm after a cool lunch and refuelling. I was riding the Street and R his Sym Evo 250i, what a missmatch you may think. Knowing R, he is such an efficient rider, at open highway he will ride at constant speed of 130km/h plus, but thrown into a traffic congestion he is the king, and will not waste a second to project himself ahead of others. However today, for some reason I initially did not know, he decided to keep himself at a lower speed below 130. That was pain (oops).

Huh….as the Street began its cruise along the Karak highway, I kept at 4th gear, anticipating series of corners ahead, I started to feel restless. Not a few seconds pass and R was nowhere can be seen behind. Never mind I thought, he will catch up when I got to those tight bends – since I am quite hopeless with them. Suddenly just as we approached Genting Sempah, I saw vehicles slowing down as a long que started to build up. I had just begun enjoying the corners with this ‘new’ approach when the traffic came to a halt. I was caught once when I tried follow the emergency lane (gravels and soils on the road, waited clearance to join the first lane gap, and R quickly launched ahead leaving me struggling with lane splitting behind.

Not long after the congestion started to ease off. I must say the STreet is well capable of tackling those tight gaps, but I am talking about tackling it at high speed, of course a no no when met with mixtures of tailgating plus tight corners, no choice but I had to take it easy. Once I was clear, I began squeezing the throttle fast, the machine just complied with no sign of stress at all. Now comparing with the Bonnie, it was a breeze to enjoy streaming at 160-170 or 180plus (occasionally) smoothly. Yup, its such a muscular machine, and I felt comfortable despite the foward leaning position. In fact the position is ideal for dealing with wind and high speed riding. In no time I caught up with R and took the lead again.

At one point I was overtaken by this Z1000x I thought, I quickly caught up just to remain closely behind the rider, maybe he realised he was being followed. When it came to tight gaps, I felt I could do better and once freed, I squeezed the throttle hard almost to full, very close but I decided not to overtake him, I know he owns a more powerful machine! no wonder the guy is riding a litre bike which is no match to my Street, though almost! (Well I supposed, the game would have been entirely his when we come to corners huhu).

How does it compare to my Bonnie T214?
Most amazing, comparing to the Bonnie, both being naked bikes, the STreet did far better at higher speed. At 140 cruising is a doodle, you hardly feel the wind resistance (keeping in mind my Bonneville has no windshield yet). Even stepping up to 160, 180 is a gem, and the humming sound when you get beyond 150km/h is seductive. In contrast to Bonnie (quite viby at high speed), steady ride at 160 is a pleasure, I could squeeze to 170 and beyond without feeeling any vibration or instability, yes a confidence steady ride at such a speed, as long as I am on a stright line. On a high speed corner, it is possible to maintain a 150 plus without any trouble. Ooops, I forgot about my friend, now I definitely could not trace his shadow…so I had to practically stop on the roadside and wait. That was good, coz i could take the time to stretch out, walk back and forth straighten my back and exercise my neck. 160km on, I stll felt good.

Two Triumph bikes side by side....well it poses a dilemma when I want to start the journey as to which machine should I take?

Two Triumph bikes side by side….well it poses a dilemma when I want to start the journey as to which machine should I take?

We took two stops, one at Gambang, and another … not another. From Gambang it was a straight long, almost boring ride. R said we could go all the way pass Kuantan, but I almost made mistake at the Kuantan Tol booth when R came behind signalling me to make a U turn which took us back to the LPT (I was slow enough then R could see me). From then on, straight ride till we reached the Kuala Berang exit. My fuel reserve indicator had long come up but I managed to keep going and the reading was 220+ when I reached the refuel station.

Home with happy mileage…
We stopped for maghrib prayers and then made a U turn and ate at a nearby restaurant – simple menu (that took a while to arrive!) consisted of fish Tomyam and Kailan ikan masin. Due to the long waiting, it took us a total of 90 minutes or more rest before started riding again. By now R had decided that he is ok to go alone, indeed he was near his house, but proceeded straight to Kota Baru, which was just over 180km. I headed back to KL which was another 400km plus, alone.
Now this is the most challenging part of the ride. Riding at night, a long straight ride, and it began to rain. God knows how nervous I felt in the beginning. One of the MIB members asked on the Whatsapp group how I plan to spend the night. I left the question unanswered.

Bidding farewell...after riding together for more than 400km, we were ready to bid farewell, each proceeding to own destination...and my ST awaits happily to take me home

Bidding farewell…after riding together for more than 400km, we were ready to bid farewell, each proceeding to own destination…and my ST awaits happily to take me home

Riding gears on, I started the bike, ahead of R, we both headed the same direction till the beginning of the highway that separated us according to the direction. I bid farewell to R & prayed to God for his safety. Just as I about to enter the highway, there were a number of young guys riding RXZ acting suspicious as if they are going to rempit. I speed away and did not see any sign of them again. Now onto the highway, I felt warm and my confidence grew. Amazingly I did not feel tired, even after that long ride. My back felt normal, though my neck hurt a bit. I built up the speed, 140, 160 plus…and the bike kept going nicely. Then came to the unlit part of the highway, I suspiciously slowed down a bit, when the ran began to pour quite heavy. I had to take it easy this time indeed quite a number of time I just kept it at 120-130km/hr. Being a naked sport, its not easy to keep a constant speed, and despite the rain I could not avoid passing the 130 mark. In total I travelled under the rain for almost one hour, covering over 100km of highway, when the weather began to get clear. Now I was on to the better part of the highway, though most part were still unlit – which I despised this shortfall. My aim was to reach Gambang, distance in total about 220km. Now I kept to a constant speed between 140plus to 160, or more sometimes especially when coming to a well lit area I could squeez more juice out. The road was rather quite in most part, that was not very desirable, since I had no clue what it was like, except that I had to rely on my own vision. My eyes fully focused on the road and surroundings, watching for any signs of puddle or any unusual objects. It is known that sometimes animals like monkeys or foxes could cross the road at this time, and I am definitely not going for the kill or else I would be the one troubled.

Off to Gambang, there was jubilation and excitement, knowing I only had less than 200km to go. I rested a bit, drank coffee, refuel and check tyre pressure before resuming my journey.
Gambang KL was much more civilised with the traffic began to build up once I passed Karak tol. The worst part was tackling the curves in total darkness, I almost gave up, slowed down a lot and only picked up my pace when the lighting got better. I kept wondering how the authority have the heart of leaving such dangerous bendy road unlit, in fairness it is not very safe even for cars and other vehicles. All I could do was slow down and refuse the temptation to follow other, more experience or daring riders. Passing Bentong there were better lighting and I felt more confident going at speed. The rest of the journey was smooth and thank God, I arrived after spending in total about 3 hours 40 minutes (including stops) of return journey.

Arriving home, it was all for a happy ending after breaking the record of doing over 800km ride within a day!

Triumph Street Triple ABS One Year Experience – Life in the fast lane continues…

14 months ago, celebrating the arrival of Triumph Street Triple ABS
After a long research I came to a conclusion that the best and most practical bike for my daily use is a naked bike and I chose the best, if not one of the best naked bike that was Triumph Street Triple ABS. I decided to go for the ‘ordinary’ Street without ‘R’ to keep thing simple and cheap. The result: 14 months of fabulous and rewarding ride with over 15,000kms completed.
Though Triumph brand is popular across the globe, in Malaysia people especially from the older generation remember it by the existence of the old classic. Truely the brand have only been revived in the country since the last 5 years or so. Then came Fastbike promoting all range of the bikes to Malaysian customers. The three most popular got to be the Street (naked), Bonneville (classic) and Tiger (touring).
When I first entered the world of riding, I only knew one thing, that is any big bike is a superbike. Anything with the capacity of over 250cc or so will be regarded as a superbike. So when I decided to pursue riding hobby and upgrade my KTM Duke 200, I started looking for a ‘mid-range’ bike. This means any bike with the capacity of 250cc to 800cc. Not a litre bike, that belongs to different league. A mid-range would be the most suitable next step, allowing me more grunt aka power to move around, faster acceleration and higher speed, or even better safety features such as ABS. That was meant to give me more comfortable ride to work and further, short to medium distance rides.
20150211_115516The Street is agile, quick and ‘muscular’. Though not as aggressive as the like of Kawa Z8, Ducati Monster or Yamaha R6 its 105bhp is enough to propel me from 0 to 100 in less than 6 secs, and keep upshifting the gears, I could reach 160-170 in no time, on a clear road of course. This is not a speeding manouver per se, but it certainly is a necessary capability of the bike especially in dealing with certain circumstances. I like the smooth engine, I could crawl quietly with 1st or second letting the clutch released freely – a manouver that I frequently adopt when approaching home along the quiet neirbourhood, or at the basement parking at work. In fact, so smooth that someone said you could trod along the street all day with the 1st gear! At higher gears, I could reach well above 120km/hr remaining in 3rd, and with 4th. will take me up to 140-150 when the engine roaring becomes excessive. The 5th. could easily bring me up to 180, when engine strain can be felt. To accelerate beyond 180, at 6th. of course, will happen at special occassion only as the windblast becomes unbearable. But yes, when the time is right you could take it beyond 200 with no complaint (best to keep it short…), and there is yet more power left to be exploited. But I will never be a speed maniac on this machine, no. If I were to speed beyond 200, I will take my Golf GTi which I could do it with more confidence, but again, these days, I don’t really get excited with this prospect anymore, it is enough if you have done it once…and hence can claim the accolade, oh yeah, I had done it before!
As a capable street bike its three-in-line engine is smooth allowing filtering through the city traffic an enjoyable task. Its tyres strong grip can be appreciated when manouvering corners and bend – I am a hopeless rider with corners and most of the time I will lose out to other quicker riders, however as times goes by I begin enjoying the lean and countersteering manouver more and more, now the wife, who joins as pillion from time to time started complaining of my new excessive ‘leaning’ habit…

Precision is the word…
I remember my first day experience. It only took me a few minutes to feel at home with the bike and there I was happily cruising along the busy traffic of PJ and Federal highway, no fuss. I could filter the traffic congestion with confidence, despite it was first time riding (I did not test drive the machine before buying it!). On to a clear road, the temptation is so strong to blast the wind and top the speed, just knowing that I had to take it easy during the run in period that slowed me down a bit. With this beautiful street bike, nothing stopped me.
Its precise, sharp acceleration, sharp breaking, confident handling and beautiful engine note is a joy to own and ride. A truly capable machine having plenty of juice to satisfy everyday need and beyond. Sneaking between traffic feels solid and you could almost pass any gap as long as you have the gut to. Flexible side mirrors (folds inward allowing the mere width of handlebar to pass narrow gaps) helps the sleek manouver. I felt I was good, and in full control even in tight traffic, till one day my confidence shattered – following the accident with the KTM Duke 200. Since then, I had to tone down, to regain my confidence. Seems like things could never be the same, at least you know that you do not have the luxury to make second mistake! Nevertheless, the machine complies with your riding style, its all up to you. Best move would be keeping to 3rd or 4th gear, when you still have strong engine braking, while having that umph to accelerate briskly, when the engine roars aloud, producing awesome noise. Plenty of muscle yes, its all down to your own bravity as to how much you are willing to push it to the limit.
I had that few occassions when I really needed the power and precision. I had 15 minutes from home to the hospital in a dire emergency. The machine happily delivered me on time, it smoothly took on the road filtering the night time modestly busy traffic without fail. On this occassion I kept to 4th gear mostly which gave a perfect balance between punchy ride and precise breaking that was greatly aided by the engine.
Indeed it is a bike to be enjoyed at any speed. For a good while its engine smoothness became an addiction, when I feel like sitting on the bike all day to enjoy that fabulous sweet engine note.

Daily Ride
A bike should be good to ride as well as easy to handle, during motion and stationary. Thats what this machine is about. With its fairly light body – just around170kg, pushing the bike is not a problem. To turn the bike while parked, I could simply spin the body using the stand as the pivot, tilting the bike to the side – mostly left side – a trick I learned from season bikers. Therefore not much space needed for turning, but tilting the bike will need a bit of confidence and experience or else you end up dropping it.
Pushing the bike back or forth, while sitting on it is not that easy, and never do it on a slope!. I used to be able to do it better when it was lowered (usiing the lowering kit), but later I decided to undo the lowering kit, therfore the bike felt taller and more difficult to steer in some way. When the bike was fitted with lowering kit, I got another problem, that was, the stand was almost vertical when opened, therefore there was a feeling of instability when the bike is parked. I made a mistake once, of pushing the bike backward, while the stand was opened, due to its almost vertical nature (making it stick out longer than the base clearance of the bike…), it caught a grilled drain cover and I was caught unprepared. The bike jolted to the right with extrem tilt, and I ended dropping it on the ground. No major damage though, apart from the indicator light on the right hand side which later need replacing.
That was the learning period, the experience dropping the bike was an expensive one, and I never repeated the same mistake ever. There was only once near fall moment while coming to a stop, this time with a pillion passenger at the back. It was a rainy day, I decided to pull over for a shelter under the bridge, the hard shoulders were lined with gravels, hence it felt unsteady and as I came to a stop, the bike tilted to the right, I used all my might to hold the bike from falling, using my right leg. The wife managed to get off and the situation was under control.
The main use of the bike is for work. That’s it. And it suits this purpose very well. Not so big profile, brisk acceleration, smooth engine allows comfortable ride all day no matter how good or bad the traffic condition. Even when it rains, I know the ABS works well and the great handling, plus full complement of rain gears allowed me to continue riding in most rainy occassions.

The joy can be shared with a pillion too...though may not be the most comfortable way for a long ride!

The joy can be shared with a pillion too…though may not be the most comfortable way for a long ride!

There is still a teething problem with storage. I settled with the tank bag (complement of free voucher from Triumph Fast Bike).
Right from the first day, I took the bike daily to escape the traffic congestion along MRR2. Lane splitting is an art, and one will do it without fail, God willing, once you observe several basic rules. You just need to be good in controlling the bike physically, and your ownselves. And never get intimidated by erratic kapchai riders or other hasty superbikers who treat the road like a racing track. Honestly, on daily commuting experience, I rarely see crazy superbikers, though I see those hasty kapchai riders everywhere.
ST smooth engine, beautiful exhaust note, superb handling all makes it one of the best bike to ride through heavy traffic. Slightly inclined posture could make you tired when dealing with extremely tight congestion, but most of the time it is still manageable, as long as you keep yourself cool.

Long Ride
Unfortunately there was none (not till early this month – see The Street put to test of endurance). If you consider long ride means anything beyond 500km, then I had not done it. The most was approximately 400km return trip Ampang(KL)- Merlimau Malacca-Shah Alam- Ampang on the same day. Another was a return trip to Batu Pahat Johor (return the following day). Few other journeys including convoys can be considered rather short rides – average of 200-300km returns. Shame, yes I have not truly tested the machine for long journey. The thought is, being a naked bike, its too taxing to subject it for a long ride. Unfortunately I have not tested it, so how did I know?
I have made a rule, when riding to stop at every 1 hour. Lately I had done longer, a distance up to 190km, with the Bonneville. With this Street, after a full one hour ride, you definitely need a break, at least to stretch out and straighten the back. The return journey to Malacca was quite a taxing one, I felt like, with this naked machine, 400-500km is perhaps the longest that I could cover in a day.
The good thing, the bike is agile, punchy and feels very stable even at high speed, making it such a pleasant companion. Right from the moment I flicked the first gear and go, it takes no time to launch to a ecstatic speed of 140km/hr, and keep revving, in no time you already reach 180, that I consider my top speed which I will only consider reaching on a clear road. Beyond 180 it takes a little longer and you need to shift to the highest gear. But even with 6th., I can still comfortably overtake without downshifting, provided I keep my speed above 110km/hr or so.

Convoy ride is one way I learn the art of riding from the more experienced friends

Convoy ride is one way I learn the art of riding from the more experienced friends

For a comfortable long ride, a speed between 130km/hr to 160km/hr is very sensible and fun. These days it may not be very easy to maintain this speed due to high traffic volume. I would drop my speed to between 120-130km/hr to pass between vehicles when lane splitting on the highway.
Regarding fuel consumption, average full tank will cover 250km/hr. Fuel light will come once you touch 200 mark, a little more when riding on highway, that depends on your speed.
The riding position is a little forward incline, therefore, long journey can be tiring, one will need to get used to. But this is perhaps the best riding position, balancing between comfortable posture a sense of urgency as one would feel when riding a naked bike – that sort of ‘unsettled’ feeling – as one rarely feels good to stay at a particular speed. Rev a little more, and you already pass the 160-170km/hr, when windblast is too strong you won’t last too long at this speed. But chopping the acceleration a bit, there isn’t hardly any speed by which you feel you can maintain to a happy end. It seems like, being a naked street bike, it is made to go faster and faster as you progress, its that feeling that you always have to vary your speed, slower when things look tight, or you get tired, and faster when you want more fun or get challenged by those occasional erratic drivers or other riders (huhu, I don’t do that often, you know).
The bike’s quick pace is a very useful ‘safety’ features when maneuvering tight traffic on the highway, this is where the machine feels so solid and strong, fantastic handling that will not fail you. Why I said so, you definitely need that strong torque when passing another vehicle at high speed (talking about 160km/hr or above), and also when trying to escape from danger such as some lunatic who tried to tailgate behind you. I have rarely failed to keep ahead of any cars, except a very few occasions, when one or two crazy prestige car drivers decide to floor their accelerator to a speed beyond 200km/hr. I backed off, sorry I don’t participate in road race.
What more, it takes corners willingly, you just have to learn the art of cornering. I admit this is one of my weakest link, I rather slow down and take it easy. But lately I am enjoying corners more and leaning and controlling the machine on corners has been fun. Long or double or even triple corners, still a big challenge that I need to refine my skill further.

Read my other post Endurance Test – for the bike or the rider…? my real long ride experience with the Street Triple that has changed my riding perspective. The bike delivered, and beyond, awesome

Problems? Not really.
Once I failed to start the bike. I have kept the gears neutral, undo the stand, pull the clutch as usual, tap the ignition and nothing happen. There I did it again and again and it refused. I checked, there was still a good amount of petrol in reserve. So I left the bike cold for one hour, went out to sip coffee with friend, came back later with a bucket of petrol and topped up the tank, just in case it was fuel problem. This time I managed to start the bike no problem – it never happened again, and the guys at Fastbike had no clue of what whent wrong when I told them the story.
I still get annoyed with the failure to strike the gear from neutral, it happened quite a number of times, especially when I flicked the gear gently. If I snap it hard, it worked all the time. But who knows, it all depend on the mood, and it is annoying or even embarassing when what you use to do everytime to engage the gear, suddenly fail – not once but many times. Again, no help from Fastbike despite my bitter complain.
As regards fuel consumption, generally satisfactory, though I could be happy with more. 200km is standard for a tank, I have ridden beyond 220km and fuel indicator estimated 30km plus left. However, the fuel reserve indicator tends to light up rather early sometimes, especially on long rides, indeed it started to lit at 170km plus! I kept riding and managed to reach the next refule at 220km with no problem. In fact at this point I could only top up about 13-14 litres, means there is still plenty of reserve left. Therefore, a good practice is to top up once you reach 200km, in order to avoid the shock of running empty tank.
Others, hmm no really, I could have not asked for more I guess, it is such a fantastic bike and I felt very lucky to own it. I wish I am an inch taller that I could handle it better at stationary, and I do need a bit more of lesson in cornering.
Windblast is a certain problem, just with any naked bike. I got the short flyscreen, which is not too protective I think. Despite this I can still push the bike to 160/170km/hr and feel steady most of the time. Wearing the right gear and keeping yourself light (no heavy luggages etc) will help.

Verdict: One year (or more) experience with Triumph Street Triple ABS
Satisfaction: 4.5/5
Met expectation?: 4.5/5
Build quality & look: 4/5
Will recommend to others: 5/5

Playing with statistics in medicine…

Finally the therapeutic dilemma came to an end…
There was this young ex-pat patient came to my clinic with new onset atrial fibrillation (irregular heart), as she has hypertension we recommended blood thinning medication (anticoagulation) called warfarin on her. Soon after, another doctor prescribed a new novel anticoagulant A, which costs >100 times more. When she came to my clinic she told me that she has not started the medication, as she was not sure whether it was good or not..
Apparently there was some lack of communication. So I went through a brief counselling till she asked, which one is better? I told her comparing the two, the new one, drug A is of course far better, as has been proven in clinical trials. However, taking warfarin strictly with good INR (a way to check your blood thinning index) is likely going to give you similar protection, with overall higher risk of bleeding – the cost however is the main obstacle.
Now the patient said: I trust your decision, doctor. And I am willing to spend the money….
Knowing she has a very young daughter diagnosed with SLE, I really pity her, and this put me in serious dilemma having to recommend a treatment costing over RM400 (or higher cost for her as foreigner) – and yet there is no sure way to tell her she will benefit more compare to her current treatment – its all about statistic – if the ‘number needed to treat’ is below 30 – then it is something very compelling – but in this case it is far more (167 for efficacy & 67 for serious bleeding)…of course there are other benefits like less interaction with food, drugs, and no need for blood test (INR clinic).
Sighed….in the end I advised her give it a try and see how she tolerates the new medication…today, she came back telling me that the new medication had caused her to have pain, cough and shortness of breath. She happened to suffer from flu as well. Well, not a direct adverse event from the medication, however, to remove the doubt, and due to her reluctance I advised her to revert to warfarin.
The lesson here, decision making in medicine may not be very straight forward especially when cost effectiveness is concerned. Patient counselling is an important part of management, do make the patient aware and understand the benefits and risk of the treatment, as well as potential cost effectiveness.

Bila hati merasa resah….pengalaman seorang otai biker

Coretan dari seorang otai biker Dr. Azmi. Hmmm biarpun beliau seorang yang berpengalaman luas sbg rider, ada juga perasaan ‘gementar’ pagi tadi. Rupanya memang banyak cabaran juga bila bermotor seorangan apalagi untuk jarak yang jauh di waktu malam atau awal pagi. Malang memang tak berbau. Disebabkan ‘instint’ beliau yang kuat, alhamdulillah beliau telah selamat sampai di destinasi.


Bangun awal pagi ni… masih teringat2 dua arwah yg jatuh helicopter tu… ikuti penuh proses kebumi mereka… moga Allah ampunkn mereka …sempat juga gi tengok kubur Dt Azlin.. al-maklum pernah berinteraksi dgn mereka sebelum ini…
….sambil2 tu slowly ke bilik air… fikiran masih terfikir.. kenapa rasa semacam pagi nih.. perasan rasa kurang senang utk ride bike pagi ni… walhal bike sudah siap dgn fuel penuh.. barang2 pesanan dr kg dah siap dlm tong bike.. helmet, glove, jacket & suit and shoe siap disusun mlm tadi…oh. tak boleh jadi .. perasan kurang enak.. !!
Selesai bersihkn badan…. terus sapa.. “Ummi.. tak jadi naik bike pagi ni… , naik kereta je lah… rasa macam. …”… “Sokong2, lebih baik drive.., naik si Merah tuh”… sapa isteri…. setelah siap pakaian, solat lebih kurang, tepat jam 5.00 am..bersalaman.. terus pandu… ke lebuh raya…
…. pandu melepasi Sg Besi… masuk KL… kelihatan kereta agak byk di awal pagi… beberapa driver memandu dlm keadaan bahaya.. ah… ini perlu lebih careful pagi ni.. melepasi jln duta, masuk Plus, terus pandu dlm speed biasa..melepasi Jln Duta -Rawang perlu hati2, byk roadworks. No radio… kereta lebih byk dr biasa…. lorry macam biasalah.. penuh & keluar masuk lane spt raja…sampai d antara Serendah – Sg Buaya…. dalam kegelapan & agak laju kelihatan seolah-olah objek besar terhenti d highway. … applied emegency brake… fuhhh.. terus ambil kiri.. sebuah treler panjang terlentang sepanjang highway… kesan tyre jelas kelihatan… aku membrek beberapa kali supaya kereta belakang perasan dgn emergency braking… Alhamdulillah…. lepas satu Xcident…. mungkin ini juga sebab kenapa perasan agak semacam pagi ini.. ( tak pernah dirasai sepanjang menunggang motorcycle )…

Belum habis… rehat dulu… ada 3 lagi … 😳😳😳😳
Dlm… calculations jika membrek emergency dgn bike … rasa terlalu bahaya esp jika berada di fast lane… kurang pasti dgn fungi ABS…. mungkin ngam2 atau cium badan treler sikit… 😱😱😱… ok.. perjalanan diteruskn… tetapi hati terus terfikir… mungkin ada orang lain ada buat panggilan kecemasan… aku terus drive… perlahan d Slim River 110 km/j … AES d KM276…sampai RR Tapah tepat 6.15 am… solat subuh. .. pagi ni entah hati memang kurang tenang.. masuk Surau terlihat kump Jemaah XX ni… kenapa la solat jemaah subuh di Saf belakang2.. patutnya terus ke depan buat Saf molek2 ( hati terus complaint )…
Patutnya aku perlu syukur… dpt juga solat Subuh berjamaah walaupun masbukh…

Selepas breakfast & top up T&G yg dah kekeringan nilai !!!… aku teruskn driving.. baru beberapa KM, kelihatan lori memperlahankn kenderaan ditepi jalan… ohhh kenapa? Aku perlahan kereta… kelihatan sebuah kereta putih terbalik dlm longkang.. mungkin pemandu cuba beri pertolongan… Adakah ianya Nissan Levena yg memandu laju sejak dr Rawang tadi!!! Hairan juga aku kenapa MPV kecil begini dipandu laju melebihi had design… Aku kurang pasti, .. Mungkin pertolongan sudah diberi.. punca mungkin mengantuk & mengelak sesuatu di highway yg masih gelap… 6.50 am…
…. terus.. beberapa km di simpang keluar Tapah.. kelihatan 2 biji lorry berhenti.. seolah-olah memeriksa sesuatu… mungkin juga terjatuh sesuatu dr lorry… mungkin juga kereta tadi terbabas mengelak sesuatu dr lorry ini… 😱😱😱
Perjalanan diteruskn…. melepasi Ipoh… sedikit renyai2.. jln basah… mendaki selekoh menuju Terowong Menora… (tempat yg paling best bagi bikers utk test cornering skills… other than Karak highway )….aku terus pandu dgn full focus…. tetiba di sebelah opposite highway, kelihatan sebuah kereta tersasar lagi… nampak Plus Ronda baru tiba…. mungkin jalan licin..😰😰😰😰
…keluar terowong… perlahan kenderaan kerana byk kereta & lori.. sesekali pecut juga…tetiba dlm kabus pagi… ternampak emergency flash light… ohhhh.. kelihatan staff Plus Ronda berla
…lari.. beri bantuan kecemasan pd semua Axia baru…. front side terus hancur… parts tertaburan aras highway… kelihatan seorang pemandu & budak Cina berdiri di luar highway… kelihatan selamat… Aku pun teruskn perjalanan…. fuhhh sudah 4 xcident yg berlaku pagi ini dlm jarak perjalanan 300km dlm beberapa jam saja…

On…. radio… dengar info trafik… “Highway Plus KM417” ditutup utk semua kenderaan… kesesakan teruk berlaku kerana kemalangan maut disitu.. semua kenderaan diarah keluar melalui Bkt Tagar… ikut arahan Trafik…. “…
Hati ku berkata ini mesti kes ada kenderaan melanggar lorry yg terlentang di Highway 2 jam lepas… memang bahaya…
Aku teruskan perjalanan.. tepat jam 8.00 am exit d Bandar Baru.. menyusuri jalan kampong Lubuk Buntar, Serdang, Sg Ular… perlu extra focus dgn lori2 tanah, kereta2 tua& separuh usia, motorcycle, kanak2 melintas, pekerja estet dgn galah panjang etc etc… Alhamdulillah aku sampai d Kulim Hitech tepat jam 8.30am… Clock in d Unikl-MSI 8.39am… 😄😄☺😄


Terima kasih Dr. Azmi atas perkongsian tersebut. Kekadang, kita kena mendengar desiran hati mungkin ada sesuatu. Apapun, memang kita perlu sentiasa berwaspada dan dalam pemanduan terutamanya motosikal, perlukan konsentrasi penuh sepanjang masa. Jika dikuatiri tak dapat berbuat demikian, atau hati tak sedap, baik lupakan saja, bawa kereta lebih selamat. Amalan saya, bila hati kurang senang, atau dalam kecelaruan, saya akan pandu dengan lebih perlahan dan kurangkan sebaran ‘manuver’ yang berisiko. Bila keadaan dah reda, baru kembali pada praktis asal. Tapi kalau keresahan tetap tak hilang, atau lepas berlaku atau menyaksiakan satu peristiwa trauma, saya ‘take it easy’, rehatkan diri dari menunggang, gantikan dengan memandu kereta, lebih relaks & konfiden lagi. Biar apapun caranya, tawakal pada Allah dan minta perlindungan dariNya.

Pengalaman emergency braking…memang amat mencemaskan. Situasi hampir sama telah saya hadapi satu ketika semasa mula memandu meninggalkan rumah untuk bermusafir ke Johor, waktu malam. Sedang dalam kelajuan agak sederhana, sepanjang MRR2, menghampiri jejambat Kampung Pasir, pada waktu tersebut saya sedang rancak berborak dengan isteri. Tiba2 isteri menjerit, menarik perhatian saya pada seorang lelaki yang berdiri di tepi jalan melambai2 tangan mengarahkan kenderaan melencong laluan. Saat berikutnya baru saya terkejut melihat sebuah kereta terdampar di laluan pantas (lorong paling kanan di mana saya sedang memandu!). Nak melencong ke lorong tengah, di sebelah betul2 sebuah treler sedang meluncur agak laju, memang tak cukup masa untuk mengelak. Terus saya mengepam brek, beberapa kali. Memang kereta dapat dihentikan tepat2 di depan kereta rosak tersebut…tetapi baru saya perasan di belakang beberapa kenderaan menunda saya secara dekat, termasuk seorang penunggang motor, yang telah menyedari saya membrek kecemasan, lalu beliau membrek cemas, sehingga motor terpelanting dan beliau berguling di atas jalan. Mujur tidak cedera parah, dan mampu bangun lalu saya bantu beliau mengangkat motor. Rasa amat bersalah…tetapi itulah hakikat dalam suasana cemas, mungkin kita dapat menghentikan kereta dgn sebab brek ABS yang canggih, jangan lupa ada kenderaan di belakang, mungkin selamat berhenti, tapi risiko dirempuh kenderaan belakang pula, atau dalam hal ini menyebabkan orang lain jadi mangsa.

Oh, I crashed my Duke

It is ironic. But I resigned to the fact that it was destined, and God only knows the wisdom behind.
Just over a week since a close friend passed away as a result of a horrible motorbike accident. And an accident happened to me. I survived it unscathed, just minor pains here and there, but the bike was badly damaged. Sometimes I felt embarassed as if it was from my own shortcoming (despite it clearly was the fault of the car driver!), but I cant help to feel inadequate. Is something wrong somewhere…? How I could ensure it will never happen again? How I could convince anyone to be my pillion passenger, again? Am I fit to ride to work, bustling the traffic congestion on daily basis, again?
Everything happened so fast…beyond thinkable…well it was going to be like any other normal day coming back home from work. …except a different route via Jln Tun Razak traffic congestion, and I was riding the Duke 200 for a change. Work ended early so I took the opportunity to send the bike for quick service at Pudu. Riding on the way home, post service (and removal of cut off point) I was a little too eager at times perhaps trying to test bike while forgetting that I had not ridden it in dense traffic for quite a while. Not that this was a problem, indeed Duke’s smaller profile made it easier to manouver, except, the absence of ABS for emergency braking. Suddenly I was confronted with an emergency situation, requiring sudden and forceful braking – the Myvi infront switched to the fast lane out of a sudden, without indication. 
Perhaps the less forgiving nature of Duke’s braking system coupled with a little harsh ride led to less than ideal reaction time, added by a major fault from the car in front that took a sudden lane switching without prior warning. Whatever, it had been fated that I ended up with a loud bang and the next thing I was thrown on the tarmac. The bike was badly damaged but I was fine. A number of bikers stopped to give help. A guy picked the bike and pushed it to the road side.
The driver was a lady accompanied by her daughter. She repeatedly apologised and promised to work together to settle things. 
It turned out to be a three hours plus of waiting, towing the bike (assistance by Motoaid) and settling things at McDonas Auto. As late evening set in I laid down my jacket and stood up to perform Asar prayer on the roadside. The next prayer which was maghrib done at the workshop that needed me to climb up two flight of stairs in pain. It was not till the towtruck arrived I began to feel excruciating pain on my hips, which worsened when climbing.
I tried to act strong in front of the wife and pretend I could walk normally but it didnt take too long to notice my predicament…even with multiple doses of analgesia the pain just became slightly more bearable…
Thank God, things could have been much worse, it was solely with His Mercy I escaped the death.

A most unlikely selfie...a shot taken shortly after the unfortunate accident

A most unlikely selfie…a shot taken shortly after the unfortunate accident

Reaction, overeaction?
I first alerted my bikers group – many responded worrying, wanting to know how I was. I reassured them that I was ok. I had to use the best of words to communicate to the wife of my situation, this did not come by till a little later. She called my handphone and I answerd calmly, telling her the bike had a breakdown, as a result of a minor accident – that I hit a car, nevertheless I was completely fine whilst the bike sustained serious damages. She understood and we made plan to meet at the workshop after the bike was delivered by the towtruck.
I did not post to the FB till the next day, I was thinking initially not to, more for the shame! and fearful of ‘hostile’ responses from some people. Many of them were taken by surprise when i posted my selfie taken immediately after the accident. That instantly gave the message that I wasn’t seriously hurt.
Most of them expressed sympathy at the tragedy. However, as anticipated there were a number who advised to give up riding or the like, such as:
Maybe it is time to consider going back to driving…
My cousin has lost his leg from the same motorcycle. Better abandon such dangerous activity!
If you love your wife/family, then no riding!
Superbike is good for ego but not for family at home…
The Head of Emergency Department doctor advised me against riding…

I chose to remain silent over the comments. Most of them are people I knew, who I know well do care, so thank you brothers and sisters. Anyway, up to now I have not the slightest thought of laying down my machine. Well, I may, on a serious note, get rid of the Duke soon, and go for a new ABS equipped machine (perhaps a scooter?, not certain yet).

Giving up on the Duke?
It does not in any way, mean that I am recalling all my previous compliments on KTM Duke 200. By now I realised, one of the most read posting in my blog are those on the Duke 200, and some people must have been influenced by my opinion. I still believe it a good bike, perhaps better with the ABS in action. Everything I said about before is still relevant. However, all in all, I don’t think anyone sensible would go back riding the same machine that had caused them to crash whatever it is. Just as much as one tries to avoid going through the same spot where he had the accident, not at least for the first few months. One will try as much as possible to wipe away the memory of the incident rather than keeping it close by, which may only raise your anxiety and affect your confidence level.
Having said that, let me make a little comment on the Duke’s behaviour that I thought may have been partly contributing to the incident. First the ABS. I have had three 2 near crash incidents in the past, resulted from sudden braking. I thought this had improved vastly since I practised the new braking technique (front brake more than rear, or mere front brake), while emergency braking requires both. However, with the Duke, sudden braking had always turned horror. My first experience of this was during rain, when I suddenly found myself approaching a 4 wheeler too close, on a wet road. So I tap the brakes firmly (rear more than front this time), and instantly the rear tire started to shake violently, my bike felt unstable, I thought I was going to fall, luckily there was just enough distance before I managed to stop, and the gap was quite wide. The second incident, also when the road was slightly wet, this time I was close, very close to a car when it suddenly came to a halt, I stomped the brakes and the tire wobbled again madly, I was about to hit the car, the bike skidded a bit which indeed took me a little away from the body of the car and I was saved.
The third instance was this time, when it resulted in a real, unfortunate accident.
No I don’t blame the bike, it just, maybe, didn’t suit my riding style (anymore). While I had been on the new bike, the Triumph STreet Triple for a year now, I have had no such encounter so far, thank God.
On the hand, I admitted, that I have lately been having a thrill with the Duke’s slick handling around corners, with its small body no doubt it still makes one of the best bikes at heavy traffic. Just you need extra caution when braking in wet condition, or when applying emergency brakes.
Yes, I do need to improve my riding skill futher, and meanwhile I should perhaps stick with ABS system to be safe.

Whose fault? Introspection, reflection on my riding
It didn’t take long before I felt I was ready to ride. In fact a week later I was back on the wheel, and two weeks later I joined a short convoy with friends from the MyIkram Bikers. Did I change my riding style? Not a bit…indeed as usual I remained the front runner with occasional sprint beyond a 170km/hr (yes, sounded nervous wrecking for a newbie who had just crashed his bike…!). As I was tracking along MRR2 nearing the exit to PLUS highway, suddenly I was caught at this particular tight bend, at a slightly higher speed, when the road felt unusually slippery. I nearly lost traction and let the bike verged to the extreme left, before picking myself up and regained speed. That was a nightmare and anything nasty could have happened that very moment, I thought…well, perhaps the absence of vehicles in the immediate surrounding had caused me to underestimate the danger and let the bike slipped rather wildly. Maybe, this sort of carelessness should not be repeated if I don’t want to see another mishap.

I looked back at my riding history – two years plus, almost 30,000kms, still relatively new as a rider, I would not claim myself as having enough riding experience. So, why being overconfident? Perhaps, I should rather take it easy, set a few rules to keep my ride safe and sound.

Speed is certainly a big thing. While cruising speed of over 140km/hr is an acceptable standard during group ride, perhaps a solo ride, during a relatively busy traffic should be limited to below this figure. While a densely busy traffic such that in MRR2 should not be filtered with anything more than 90-100km/hr. ‘Aggressive manouvers’ such as sudden lane switching, racing with other riders (the temptation is always there), or overspeeding while doing lane splitting, should be avoided. Lastly protective gears is an all time must.

Then, defensive riding skill should be sharpened. Special group training on handling the bike may also help

Riding remains a highly risky activity?
Sometimes, there is the inner feeling of fear, timidity, restlessness, as if something bad going to happen. Uncertainty reigns. Holding on to the bike, with my short stature, and ahead of me, hostile drivers, maddening traffic congestion – all conspired to shake my confidence. But once on the bike, throttle on, the confidence rose as the bike accelerates.
Once I sat down with those seasoned guys from our club MyIkram Bikers – on them indeed I found calm faces, who have blasted the wind, crossed the borders, filtered the depth of most tortuous roads in the country, swamped the darkness of the night with their bikes grazing thousands of miles of rough journeys. Years of riding experience, many falls, lost directions, breakdowns in the middle of nowhere – and with all that, no signs of regret nor fears. They spoke about how riders went on a serious mission, in the middle of night, risking their lives – they have done it years in, years out, many survived such priceless experience – yes they got big hearts. You don’t do such thing if you have no heart, no gut. Just sit at home and enjoy cozy and warm sofa. But the riding world is something different. Surely the bikes are not made for the faint hearted. You, have the heart. You are made of different materials. So be there, for the action. Fear of your life? Don’t you trust God?
Finally, once again, I made the resolution. I am a rider, and will always be. May God save me and help me to enjoy the riding while keeping myself in His rememberance.

Bila Mahkamah Dunia Memutuskan…

Buat yang sentiasa meng’update’ FB wall mereka, mungkin sesuatu yang tak kena kalau peristiwa sebesar keputusan mahkamah isu DSAI-Saiful Bokhari tidak tersentuh. Mungkin ada yang tak senang, atau tak pasti apa nak dikata, atau takut dgn Sedition Act? Setelah menyepi dari memberi komen dua hari lepas, akhirnya jari-jari anugerah Ilahi ini dapat menukilkan sesuatu untuk renungan sendiri. Bukan untuk menarik ‘likes’ atau ‘dislikes’ tapi sekadar berkongsi kefahaman peribadi. Perlu saya tegaskan ini pendapat saya sahaja, dan saya bukan pakar perundangan, jadi kalau saya tersilap harap tegur, jangan terus seret ke Akta Hasutan pula…:

1. Siapakah yang benar? Hanya Allah yang Maha Tahu. Mahkamah dunia hanya memberikan hukuman berdasarkan bukti dan hujah, dan keputusan di tangan hakim. Hanya Mahkamah Allah swt yang paling adil dan amat halus dan teliti, di mana semua rahsia, bukti dan kebenaran akan dibentangkan tanpa hijab pada hari yang amat digeruni di mahsyar nanti.

2. Walau bagaimanapun, sebagai seorang Islam, saya mengenali sedikit sebanyak DSAI, beliau seorang Muslim yang baik dan menjaga kewajipan pada Tuhan, saya mempercayai kata-kata beliau yang mempertahankan beliau tidak bersalah. Saya tidak kenal Saiful, biarpun saya mendapat gambaran peribadi & perlakuan beliau dari kamar mahkamah, jadi saya tidak dapat menerima pengakuan beliau maupun beliau telah bersumpah. Ada banyak kata-kata beliau yang tak konsisten. Tetapi saya bukan nak menjadi hakim mengadili di sini, ini adalah pendapat saya. Apalagi bila satu ketika bapa beliau sendiri mengakui keraguan terhadap pengakuan beliau. Dan petugas/Imam masjid yang menyaksikan sumpah beliau juga telah membuat pengakuan beliau diberi arahan sedemikian dll.

3. Walaupun DSAI disabitkan oleh Mahkamah Rayuan bersalah yang memberi implikasi beliau telah melakukan kesalahan liwat, pada pendapat saya sebagai seorang Muslim kita tidak dapat menerima apalagi memberikan label beliau seorang peliwat. Kerana tiadanya saksi yang menyaksikan perbuatan itu, dan beliau menafikan. Bukti DNA hanyalah ‘circumstantial’ sahaja, dan tidak boleh dijadikan muktamat (anda akan kata saya naive kalau saya beri perumpamaan dengan cokelat cadbury….tapi ada samar-samar kesamaan di sini, ujudnya DNA tidak mensabitkan salahlaku, dan ini diakui dalam perundangan pun). Malahan menurut undang-undang Islam, Saiful layak dihudud atas sumpah beliau kerana beliau gagal membawa saksi kejadian (saksi yang benar-benar melihat kejadian).
Ya, setahu saya, ada peruntukan untuk takzir, iaitu hukuman yang lebih ringan dari hudud, jika kesalahan tidak dapat disabitkan. Pun begitu, dari pendakwaan tiada bukti yang kukuh wallahu álam. Mengenai DNA, ingatlah, dalam keputusan Mahkamah Tinggi 2012, DSAI disabitkan tak bersalah kerana terdapat keraguan pada DNA. Dan apapun DNA sahaja tidak boleh dijadikan bukti muktamat tanpa adanya turutan kejadian yang tak diragui.

4. Saya merasa hairan dengan ‘dakwaan’ mengatakan Saiful telah menunjukkan keberanian luarbiasa kerana berani mendakwa seorang DS dan juga majikan beliau. Jika beliau seorang lelaki yang berani dan jujur pastinya beliau tak rela dirinya diperkosa, diliwati. Pasti beliau sanggup melakukan apa saja untuk melawan pesalahlaku. Tetapi tiada bukti beliau cuba melawan, malah beliau mengaku buka seluar, pakai tuala dan beri KY Jelly…ini tak masuk akal. Lebih pelik lagi bila pendakwaan masih berdasarkan 377A & B – iaitu kesalahan liwat secara konsensual, dan bukan paksa /sodomi (377C).

5. Wajibkah penyokong-penyokong DSAI menerima keputusan ini dan berdiam diri. Sebagai rakyat setiap orang punya hak, selagi hak bersuara tersebut dilakukan dalam rangka undang-undang yang sah, tidak sepatutnya dihalang. Dan kerajaan harus bersikap terbuka tak perlu menggunakan akta hasutan dengan sewenang-wenangnya. Begitupun, saya tidak setuju menandatangani petisyen meminta campurtangan kuasa luar, maupun meminta pengampunan dari Yang Dipertuan Agong. DSAI hanya harus bebas dengan keputusan mahkamah (contohnya mahkamah pada satu ketika overule keputusan Mahkamah Rayuan tersebut), ini sebagai untuk pembersihan nama beliau sendiri.

Kadangkala kebenaran berakhir di penjara, maupun di tali gantung. Harga kebenaran amat mahal. Mungkin penjara ‘lebih baik’, sebagaimana kata-kata Nabi Yusuf dalam peristiwa beliau difitnah Zulaikha:
“Wahai Tuhanku, penjara lebih aku sukai daripada memenuhi ajakan (syahwat) mereka kepadaku. Dan jika tidak Engkau hindarkan daripadaku tipu daya mereka, tentu aku akan cenderung untuk (memenuhi keinginan mereka) dan tentulah aku termasuk orang-orang yang bodoh” (Yusuf: 33)

Malah, di peringkat seterusnya, apabila Yusuf diberi peluang untuk keluar dari penjara, beliau tidak berganjak sebaliknya menuntuk agar pengadilan semula dilakukan, demi untuk membersihkan nama beliau, hingga akhirnya penuduh-penuduh beliau mengaku mereka telah berbohong dan bahawa beliau dipihak yang benar.

(Saya pilih untuk tidak menyiarkan tulisan ini di FB, kerana pada ketika saya telah siap menulis, berlaku pula peristiwa besar lain, jadi biarlah saya abadikan pendapat saya di sini dan sebagai tatapan sesiapa saja yang sudi membaca)